From The Dress Code

The Dress Code is a fashion blog and an encyclopedic community dedicated to establishing a common base of knowledge about our clothes and styles of dress that we can put into practice every day. We are dedicated to researching and documenting fashion as a visual language and a cultural phenomenon beyond. By providing ourselves with a user's manual for our wardrobes, the project hopes to foster new standards in consumer and business values towards sustainable fashion of tomorrow.

For more background information on the mission of the project, please check out the introductory blog post. If you are still wondering what this is and you can't even, check out our FAQ page and join the club!

The Dress Code Is...

  • An anthropological study of a popular culture. Fashion speaks the loudest when it is on stage elsewhere, in music, in cinema and in politics.
  • A generic documentation of all that is unique about our clothes. Sure, fashion is a celebration of individualism, but lest we forget, clothes are hardly one-of-a-kind in nature. Fashion is interesting because it is accessible and replicable. We focus on this aspect of it.
  • A critique of a discipline in visual arts. Not to get all Mean Girls about it and all, but enough with the oohs and aahs when we speak of fashion. Let's talk about it in the manner we practice it every day.

The Dress Code Is Not...

  • A tribute to high fashion. While acknowledging its artistic significance, high fashion is overrated as it is impractical.
  • A chronicle of a rich white people culture. Indeed, fashion wouldn't have been what it is without 'em, but everyone wears clothes, right?
  • A photo gallery of pretty people in pretty clothes. A picture speaks a thousand words, and oftentimes, it speaks too much.