From The Dress Code

DCdb v0.94

  • Moved changelog out of the main page
  • Mapping internal link placement in entries
  • Removing all photographic images from content
  • Transferring category:looks to category:icons

DCdb v0.93

  • Installed Semantic MediaWiki; currently mapping data structure for the following properties:

styles, textiles, colors, shapes; topwear, basewear, uniwear.

  • Updated to Boostrap 4.4; Fixed the VisualEditor bug on mobile UI.

DCdb v0.92

  • Restructured content model centered around an ontology of dress styles'
  • Temporarily removed all external/internal references for easy editing
  • Added basic infobox templates to most entries; work in progress
  • Added standard headings to most entries; work in progress
  • Added a draft of the Rarely Asked Questions section

DCdb v0.9