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Mode Streetwear
Status Unknown
Era 2010s
Scene Unknown
Influenced by Unknown
Influenced Unknown


Zef is a hipster style of dress based on the aesthetics of the 1970s South African working class whites, infused with visual elements of Kawaii, hip hop and indie music scenes of the 2000s.


The concept of "zef" originated as a derogatory label for the working class whites of South Africa in the 1960s and 1970s. The name comes from Ford's Zephyr automobiles that became exceptionally popular among white Afrikaans during that time. However, the pre-Apartheid lifestyle as a fashionable aesthetic gained recognition in the early 2010s after the South African hip hop duo Die Antwoord brought it into their on-stage persona.


  • Mullet with fringe or high top fades
  • Blings, grills and gold tooth caps
  • Colored contact lenses
  • Crop top shirts, oversized tees
  • Boxer shorts with pattern prints
  • Oversized vintage coats


Associated artists

  • Die Antwoord
  • Jack Parow